Can you send a smile to someone with disability?

Metropolitan Smile Dispatch has been planned specifically to create awareness of disability, and the services of the Metropolitan Sanctuary for Children with Disability, (fondly known as the Sanctuary), as well as raise crucial funds for the work. All these elements are imperative to the future of care for persons affected by disability in the entire county of Nyeri, and further afield.

Through the support of Smile Dispatch and its subsequent promotional and fundraising efforts, all people who are inspired to get on board with this noble cause, have the means to do so. The exciting and pioneering plans for the new rehabilitation complex, along with other new initiatives such as the satellite rehabilitation services are ground breaking, and set to move Nyeri county on a level to which other institutions and county governments can model off. It is a most worthy initiative, seeking to assist a credible and proven institution that is the Sanctuary, who have set a high standard of care for this community for the last nine years, and who have an ambitious vision for our county.

To steer the project to completion, the Smile Dispatch will of course also be planning to host other fundraising events, foremost being a corporate dinner. Details of this, along with other future endeavours, will be publicised in due course. We welcome your support and thank you for your interest in this institution.


The Sanctuary)is located in Kamakwa, Nyeri Town constituency, Nyeri County, in the Republic of Kenya. It was founded in February 2007 by Mrs Terry Fairfowl and established by the head of Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle Belfast, Pastor  Dr. James McConnell, along with the support of his dedicated congregation. The MSCD is funded primarily through this church, but is also supported by other charitable donations raised in Kenya through MSD, and in the UK through Befrienders For Disability (UK registered charity). 

The MSCD has been providing clinical and rehabilitation services to both residents of Nyeri County and other counties, free of charge since its opening. Services currently include physical and occupational therapy, nursing care and medical review, provision of medicine, orthotics and prosthetics and cardboard assistive device workshop. This workshop creates chairs and standing frames, along with other disability equipment, made out of recycled cartons.  They have a daycare for children with disability, prioritising on collecting and returning children who normally get locked indoors alone during the day, and providing them with care and a stimulating program of sensory integration and play based activity. On site is also a Rescue Centre, providing accommodation and 24 hour care, essentially a new home, for children rescued from neglectful or abusive home environments.